What is vulvodynia and what are the treatment options?

Some women are afflicted by a persistent pain in the vulvar region, which is often unfamiliar to many physicians. This pain is known medically as vulvodynia; other terms include vulvar vestibulitis and vestibulodynia. Since not a lot is known about the condition, many women that have been diagnosed continually ask  ‘What is vulvodynia?’ Thanks to research and clinical observations performed over the past two decades by Dr. R. Stuart Fowler, associated factors have been elucidated and and women on his treatment protocols are getting consistent and effective relief.

About Vulvodynia: Vulvodynia is characterized by pain, especially during intercourse. The pain is usually centered in the region of the vestibule and labia minora, and is often accompanied by burning and extreme discomfort. As a result, many everyday activities such as exercising, wearing tight clothing, exposure to perspiration, sitting on narrow seats or sitting for an extended period, become uncomfortable. Vulvodynia can affect women of any age.

Symptoms: Burning, stinging, rawness, soreness and pain at the entrance of the vagina are some of the symptoms that accompany vulvodynia.

Diagnosis: Vulvodynia is not readily recognized by many physicians, and so it often goes misdiagnosed in many women. There are times when doctors just say they do no see anything wrong or the women is told its in her head.   A cotton tip applicator test is generally used to test for the location (focal or generalized) and  the degree of sensitivity of the tissues. Dr. Fowler of Fowler Gyn International (FGI) has developed advanced diagnostic techniques that are able to provide better evaluation, and more accurate diagnosis.

Treatment: Vulvodynia has traditionally been treated with the use of prescription medication such as amitriptyline, gabapentin, injectable botox, and topicals such as cromoyln, baclofen, lidocaine, ketoconazole, corticosteriods and pelvic floor therapy and the surgical approach of vestibulectomy. However, Dr. Fowler at FGI finds NONE of these approaches satisfactory. No only has he answered the question ‘what is vulvodynia,’  (click here) but he has also developed successful treatment protocols. Included among these, is an advanced skin care collection that eases the discomfort faced by women with vulvodynia and therapy directed to the micro-flora in the vestibule.

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