What is advanced patch testing?

Do you have a persistent rash and you can’t seem to figure out what’s causing it? If you do, your doctor may suggest doing an advanced patch test. This type of test is a very scientific way to identify the underlying cause of skin irritation, so that it can be properly treated. But what is advanced patch testing, and how does it work.

Contact dermatitis
When doctors are unable to identify the root cause of contact dermatitis in  patients, an advanced patch test is often recommended.Contact dermatitis is marked by a skin rash or irritation, that occurs because your skin comes in contact with a particular substance.

Allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis are the two main types of the condition. The former comes about when the skin has an allergic reaction to a specific substance, while the latter develops if the skin gets irritated due to contact with  toxic material.

What is advanced patch testing
Advanced patch testing is a technique used to determine the cause of contact dermatitis, so that the most suitable treatment can be undertaken. The patch test is done to help doctors identify the irritant (learn more).

How it works
A range of different test substances are applied in small patches to the skin, usually the upper back. The substances are taped to the skin using non-allergic tape, and left in place for 48 hours. After this time, the skin is examined in order to identify if there has been a reaction to any of the substances used in the test.

Advanced patch testing is available in Illinois at the Skin Care Center. Call any of our 3 convenient locations today and schedule an appointment. We can be contacted in Chicago, IL (773-296-3636), Glenview, IL (847-901-0252) , or Lake Forest, IL (847-234-6121).

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