What are the best Treatments for Adult Acne

Do you have acne now that you’re an adult, and wonder why it’s still a problem for you. Acne is a nuisance at any age, but when you are an adult, it can have a greater impact on your quality of life. So what are the best treatments for adult acne.

Why you have adult acne

It’s been estimated that up to 55% of adults in the US between the ages of 20-40 have acne. Adult acne may be caused by several factors including hormonal changes, stress, certain types of medication, and skin care products. The use of skin care products and acne treatments that contain harsh ingredients can also contribute to breakouts.

What are the best treatments for adult acne

Below are 3 of the best acne treatments available:

  1. Broadband Light (BBL)
    BBL is a light-based therapy that has proven to be a very effective treatment for acne. The BBL device emits several wavelengths of light that target the p-acne bacteria in the sebaceous gland, and also minimizes the production of oil in the glands.
  2. Laser skin rejuvenation
    The laser light targets and destroys the acne-causing bacteria. This helps to clear acne skin and prevent future breakouts. Lasers can also remove acne scars and lighten pigmentation.
  3. Medical grade facial
    Medical grade facials can also be used to treat acne, as they kill the p-acne bacteria, and unclog pores. There are different types of acne facials including the high frequency clinical facial that utilizes electrical current.

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