Understanding who is a good candidate for rotator cuff surgery?

If you are suffering from persistent shoulder pain, it’s important to have it checked,  because it may be the result of a rotator cuff injury. This type of injury is very common among athletes. Non-surgical treatment is often recommended, therefore, it’s not always clear who is a good candidate for rotator cuff surgery.

What is the rotator cuff?

The rotator cuff is a set of 4 small muscles that are positioned around the shoulder in the deltoid muscle. They use the power of the larger deltoid muscles to co-ordinate shoulder movement, maintain stability, and facilitate rotation.

Rotator cuff Injuries

Rotator cuff tears may be caused by a variety of factors including the natural degeneration of the tissues, a dislocated shoulder, or trauma. Limited arm movement and pain in the shoulder, are common signs of rotator cuff tears.

Conservative options such as rest, physical therapy, steroid medications, and activity modification are usually recommended for rotator cuff injuries, but in severe cases surgery may be required.

Who is a good candidate for rotator cuff surgery

You are a good candidate for rotator cuff surgery if  you are experiencing severe shoulder pain, and also have weakness and loss of motion. Also, if the injury is preventing you from participating in sporting activities, surgery may be a good option.

Rotator cuff surgery may be done using the arthroscopic or open technique. The purpose of the operation is to restore flexibility to the shoulder, by reconnecting the rotator cuff and tendon to the bone (learn more).

Contact orthopedic surgeon Dr. Frank McCormick to learn more rotator cuff surgery. Dr. McCormick can be contacted at the LESS Institute, South Florida with offices in Miami, Palm Beach, Orlando, Doral, and Boca Raton. Call 1-866-956-3837 to schedule an appointment.

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