How will a mid-facelift make me look younger?

If you have sagging in the cheek area or along the jawline, a mid-facelift may be all you need to rejuvenate your appearance. A mid-facelift is less extensive than a traditional facelift because it refreshes the middle portion of the face, but it can provide very good results for the right candidate. But just how will a mid-facelift make you look younger.

What is a mid-facelift?

A mid-facelift is a surgical procedure that focuses on toning the central area of the face, specifically the brows and jawline. It is ideally suited for men and women with heaviness in the area beneath the cheeks, as well as a sagging jawline. A mid-facelift can also correct hollowness under the eyes.

How will a mid-facelift make you look younger?

A mid-facelift addresses aging in the mid-portion of the face, in the area of the lower eyelids and cheeks. Aging in this area is usually the result of volume loss as well as a decline in bone support in the cheek area.

The mid-facelift can make you look younger because it restores volume in the mid-face. Adding volume in this region will also lessen the appearance of nasolabial folds, which are the lines that run from either side of the nose down to the corner of the mouth. Restoring volume to the mid-face and smoothing lines around the mouth will result in a more refreshed, youthful appearance.

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