How is posture pump different for back pain relief?

Are you suffering from back pain? Does your spine feel stiff and compressed? Posture Pump products can definitely help.But how is Posture Pump different for back pain relief, when compared to other compression therapies. Posture Pump products are specially designed to relieve neck and back pain so that you feel better, sleep better, and resume physical activities you may have had to forgo because of your back pain.

The symptoms of lower back pain are not the same for everyone. Some people have mild pain that comes and goes, while others have unbearable pain that interferes with normal activities.

Why you have back pain
Pain in the lower back may be due to a variety of reasons including damage to the nerve roots, muscles, or ligaments in the lower back.  Back pain is more common in older individuals, as well as people that are overweight, or in poor physical health. There are also common conditions that can give rise to back pain including spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and arthritis.

How is Posture Pump different for back pain?
Posture Pump gets to the source of back pain, as it decompresses and aligns the joints. The device is equipped with 2 expanding air cellsthat lift and stretch the lower back to improve flexibility, and restore natural curves.

The patented Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED) is what makes Posture Pump unique among lumbar units.  EED is a distinctive compression therapy that was developed by Posture Pump. When released, the elliptical shaped air cells expand into the curves of the back to achieve optimal separation of the joints. EED also attracts the nutrient rich fluid back into the discs, and this enhances the lubrication of the joints.

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