How can I balance out my calves with the rest of my legs?

If you’vetried all types of exercise but can’t seem to balance out your calves with the rest of your legs, you may be wondering if anything can be done about it. Many people struggle with calves that just don’t seem to fit their physique, but it’s possible to correct the problem with calf augmentation surgery.

Calf augmentation can balance out your calves with the rest of your legs
Calf augmentation can improve the proportions of the calves, and create balance with the rest of the legs. The procedure adds mass and definition to the calves and makes the legs shapely and attractive.

Calf augmentation can be done with the use of silicone implants that are placed in the lower leg, or with fat grafting.

How calf augmentation works
When calf augmentation is done with implants, the incisions are made on the back of the knee, within the natural fold of the skin. The implants are then inserted and placed on or just above the calf muscle.

If fat grafts are used to augment the calves, the fat is first harvested from another part of the body using a very small cannula. After the fat is processed, it is injected into specific areas of the calves to add volume, and contour the legs (click here to read more).

Both calf augmentation techniques can improve balance and create better proportions with the rest of the legs.

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