Use the Posture Pump for back disc compression relief

Severe back pain can often be traced to spinal compression. When the vertebrae are compressed, the discs move out of alignmentandlubrication fluid is lost, often resulting in back and neck pain. However, these complications can be neutralized with the use of the Posture Pump for back disc compression relief.

What causes back disc pressure

Disc compression is the result of continued poor posture, as well as body positions that are harmful to the health of the neck and spine. Forward head posture or FHP,is a position in which the head is shifted forward and the shoulders stoop. The forward position of the head puts additional strain and pressure on the neck, and also causes the neck to lose its natural curve.

FHP also increases spinal pressure, as it shifts the spine from the natural S-curve position. This stress also contributes to the rigidity of the vertebrae, as the compression of the discs reduces the amount of disc fluid in the spine. This weakens the spine, reduces flexibility, and also inhibits movement.

How the Posture Pump eases back pressure

The Posture Pump Disc Hydrator eases back pressure by improving lubrication in the discs, and lifting the discs into their natural position. The device is designed to fit around the major pressure points, namely the neck, head, and back, and thenit slowly releases pressurized pillows of air that separate the joints in the neck and back. The device also promotes better posture.

Using the Posture pump for back disc compression relief will increase blood supply to the discs, so that they regain strength and mobility. If you are suffering from chronic neck and back pain, then the Posture Pump may provide the ideal relief you need. You can go to for more information.

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